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Environmental Licence

Environment Agency Certificate and Licence


Dun N Dusted Rubbish Removal are licenced by the Environment Agency to remove and dispose of rubbish, bonded  asbestos and any type of asbestos " If it's double bagged " and site clearances.  Please see a copy of our certificate below.


Why use a Environment Licenced company for Rubbish Removals in Sunderland


Using a registered waste management company with the Environment Agency and waste collection authority are the preferred method of disposing of your bulky waste or junk.  A transfer note would be giving to you meaning that your waste is now the responsibility of the waste carrier and will be disposed of responsibly at a registered waste transfer station.
The problem you face when using unregistered waste carrier company is that your waste is more likely to be fly-tipped and no paperwork is given to prove the transportation of your waste.  If the waste is traced back to you you can be subject to fines and penalties. 


Dun-n-Dusted Rubbish Removal Environment Agency Certificate

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