Service Update Relating to Coronavirus/ Covid-19

If your business has been further affected by the new lockdown restrictions please contact our customer service team as soon as possible so we can discuss how we can best support you through this time.

Dun N Dusted Rubbish Removal Ltd  Coronavirus Business Continuity Statement– 20th January 2021

Dun N Dusted continues to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19 on its business and supply chains. Our teams continue to work incredibly hard to minimise the impact on our operations and we are proud of our colleagues across our business who have gone above and beyond to keep our wheels turning.

We retain our original priorities as our key focus: 

  • Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and the members of the communities we serve;

  • Ensuring our business operations are able to continue with minimal disruption and that our customers continue to receive the essential services that we provide; and 

  • Protecting the financial strength of the Group. 


Whilst fulfilling our commitment to UK Government in providing an essential service to customers during this time.   

Business Response Team

Our Business Response Team which includes representatives from across the business and specialists, continue to meet as required to assess the situation, both from a public health and business impact perspective.  Utilising expert guidance from senior representatives from HR, Health and Safety, Wellbeing, Employee Communications, Operations, Customer Service, IT, Legal, Procurement, Marketing, Internal Audit & Risk and Finance. A core group within the Response Team, continues to meet weekly to ensure we remain on top of any changes in guidance, manage our communications and policy and assess any risks.

The Executive Team covers this as an agenda item at their regular meetings where needed, with members contributing to the Business Response Team sessions.

Our Response Plans

In line with the UK Government published guidance and the current World Health Organisation (WHO) standard recommendations for the virus, Dun N Dusted  has implemented the following steps to minimise infection risk to our colleagues and customers.


We have undertaken a strategic risk assessment across our business with our Business Unit Managers undertaking a local Risk Assessment to ensure we are COVID - 19 Secure.  These have been undertaken in consultation with local representation including Union Safety Reps where appropriate.

We have communicated the local risk assessment and the measures in place, displaying the COVID Secure poster at our site entrances to communicate our adherence to the Government Guidance.  Our risk assessments continue to be reviewed and updated as appropriate in line with any changes in guidance.

We have provided all colleagues with extensive guidance in line with the infection control measures recommended by UK Government and public health agencies and continue to update these when new guidance is published. These currently include:

  • Working from home unless not possible to do so. We have enabled many colleagues to work from home with laptops and softphones, with appropriate cyber security and GDPR in place. 

  • Following the social distancing guidelines wherever possible. Clearly, we do have some operational roles where this is not possible and therefore the other control measures become even more important in these situations. We have also developed and issued guidelines on Social Distancing for specific business areas such as our Main Offices and Contact Centres, Collections, PRF’s, Transfer Stations and MRF’s (Mixed Recycling Facilities).

  • Anyone who displays the symptoms of Coronavirus or if a member of their household displays symptoms, have been asked to ‘Stay at Home’ and contact the NHS online services and self-isolate in line with the guidelines. 

  • Strongly encouraging all our colleagues to engage in the Test and Trace system to help minimise the risk and download the app and community testing where this is available.

  • Following company protocols on Hygiene, which includes frequently washing hands by using alcohol-based hand gel or soap and water and when coughing and sneezing, covering the mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue – throwing the tissue away immediately and washing hands.

  • Following company protocols on Cleaning, with a new consistent standard being introduced across all our UK sites. 

  • Following company protocols for dealing with waste which could be contaminated.



We are continuously and regularly providing our managers and colleagues with up to date information on virus prevention and isolation protocols in written and listening formats aimed at minimising risk.

We have implemented comprehensive business continuity plans for each business area which have helped us to minimise the impact.  We will continue to review these for process and functional priorities, recovery time objectives, work instructions and resource requirements, clearly communicating these across our teams and suppliers


Our business is continually monitoring the information and implementing the advice and protocols recommended by UK Government, WHO and Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

We are monitoring employee absenteeism levels, which have increased during the last 2 months, but have not returned to April 2020 levels and are providing regular reports to management and executive teams, utilising the resources across the group flexibly to support our service delivery as needed. 

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