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Wheelie Bin Service

Thorough Rubbish Removal in Durham


Ensure a regular and reliable collection for all your household waste. Give Dun N Dusted a ring, and learn more about our great rubbish removal services in Durham.


Providing an Alternative to council wheelie bin collections


Dun N Dusted waste concern was formed in direct response to a pressing consumer need. We provide a reliable waste collection service to anyone at any time . Dun N Dusted is limited by collection schedules, except that of our customers. With over half of all councils in England, Wales and Scotland now dropping to a bin collection once a fortnight we offer a private household waste collection service helping you to manage between bin collection dates.


Our service can be used by anyone who needs more collections than their council currently offers. Our aim is to benefit the whole community by providing a rapid, responsive and environmentally sound local waste disposal service . Our services come with integrated recycling as stated. All collections using our smart practical rubbish removal trucks. You can also use the bulk furniture collection at the same time we will also remove your extra overflow bag waste.


Refuse Collection


Dun N Dusted offer an unbeatable rubbish collection service that is ideal for either your home or business. We are always on hand to collect wheelie bins or refuse sacks. Let us know a convenient time to collect your waste for you, and we’ll be there. We offer a vast array of other waste disposal services, such as:


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  • Collection service disposal

  • Commercial bin emptying

  • Site Clearance

  • Bulk furniture cool

  • Fridge / freezer coll

  • Commercial fridge / freezer

  • General office and commercial waste disposal

  • Food and catering waste disposal

  • Public house refuse disposal

  • Dry non-hazardous waste

  • Asbestos collection service

  • Security shredding service

  • Needle, sharps, biohazardous collections

  • Garden Waste disposal


Contact Dun N Dusted on 0191 5811 004 for comprehensive house clearance, which rids your property of any and all unwanted waste. or Email:

Wheelie Bin Service
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